Washington State Fusion Center

Committed to Character, Competence, and Collaboration

Welcome to the Washington State Fusion Center


The mission of the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC) is to support the public safety and homeland security missions of state, local, tribal agencies and private sector entities.


The WSFC is a unified counterterrorism, “all crimes,” fusion center, incorporating agencies with intelligence, critical infrastructure, public safety and preparedness, resiliency, response and recovery missions.

The WSFC is Washington State’s single fusion center and concurrently supports federal, state, and tribal agencies, regional and local law enforcement, public safety and homeland security by providing timely, relevant and high quality information and intelligence services.

Technology will be used as an efficiency enabler of the WSFC’s work processes to provide services quickly, effectively and efficiently, to protect privacy and civil liberties, ensure information and operational security, and to support communications and collaboration.


  • Detect, deter, and prevent terrorist attacks.
  • Detect, deter, and prevent significant criminal activity.
  • Perform threat assessment and information management services including supporting the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources.
  • Provide support to all hazards preparation, planning, response, and recovery efforts.
  • Serve as the state's single fusion center.
  • Provide Cyber Security Awareness.